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Auto FB Marketer - Put Your FB Marketing on Autopilot.

Auto FB Marketer is a new software automatically hacking Facebook for tons of targeted buyer leads and promoting your offers to them on autopilot, all day long for free. It will send you massive exposure, floods of viral buying traffic and easy pay day even while you sleep! It’s like having your own personal slave robot that relentlessly markets your business using the effective free FB marketing strategies; saving your time and earning you cash autopilot.

Watch the demo Auto FB Marketer here :


And here’s what included in Auto FB Marketer Package :
• Auto FB Marketer  – “Desktop Software ( PC Only )
• Step by Step Tutorial Videos to shows you how to use Auto Facebook Marketer .) effectively – This Screen Capture Style tutorial video series shows you step by step, exactly how each feature of software works and how to use it effectively to build targeted lead lists, gain exposure, get more traffic and earn Bigger profit .
• Auto Facebook Marketer Quick Start Blueprint – This Short no-fluff, guide will give some quick step by step strategies on how you can fully utilize this software to benefit your business. it gives you some example strategies and campaign ideas to get you started to success.
Auto Facebook Marketer Membership – Membership to auto Facebook marketer means you have total, lifetime access to the membership area.

Auto FB Marketer  features :
• Searches Facebook Groups, by keyword phrase, and capturing all profile URLs and FB IDs of members.
• Use this list of targeted user profiles and MESSAGE them directly with spinnable text – on autopilot. [direct promotion of your offers or invite to your page.]
• Use this list of targeted user profiles and “Friend” them automatically. [build a targeted list of friends that you can promote to]
• You can use the list of FB ID’s that it captured as “Custom audiences” in Facebook Ads, to promote your offers directly to the people MOST INTERESTED in what you have to offer.
• Searches for and automatically Joins Groups related to a specific keyword phrase/s, countries, cities etc.
• Searches for and automatically Likes Pages related to a specific keyword phrase/s, countries, city’s etc.
• Searches for and automatically Friends People related to a specific keyword phrase/s, countries, city’s etc.
• Automatically posts any message (can use spin-tax) to all Groups you belong to. [quickly build exposure or promote your links]
• Automatically posts any message (can use spin-tax) to Facebook Pages that you liked. [Updates your pages with marketing messages ultra quickly and hands free]
Automatically posts any message (can use spin-tax) on many of your Friends’ walls for big exposure and viral traffic as all their friends will see your message as well.

Auto FB Marketer review
Auto FB Marketer performs exactly as a human does, using a browser and “clicking” on the buttons just like a human would, so there is no way for FB to know it’s an automated software. You can also use proxy list with software, set time delays, with randomization built in, for all messages and requests, so that Facebook doesn’t see your activity as spamming, and use manual modes as well.

Auto FB Marketer review
Do you want to continue struggling to get more traffic and earn money online or do you want to automate all your Facebook marketing tasks for increased EXPOSURE, TRAFFIC and PROFITS? How much would you be willing to invest in this complete all-in-one Auto Facebook Marketer software solution, with all the tutorial videos, quick start guide, FREE “Facebook Fans Stampede” e-course with FREE software tools? You can look for other tools similar like this on Google, and you’ll find there’s no other tool as powerful as this one. So go get it right now, and create your own success!


1. No Monthly Charges.

2. No Limitations in Posting.
3. Can Have Multiple Facebook Accounts.
4. Just One Time Payment.

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